Top Factors Affecting The Value Of A Pre-Owned Aircraft

Pre-owned aircraft are some of the popular ways to buy an aircraft. There are a lot of reasons why people might want to change their aircraft or have difficulty maintaining them. But, finding the right pre-owned aircraft is one of the best ways to ensure that you have access to the ultimate of luxury. In this article, we are going to be learning about the things which can affect the value of a pre-owned aircraft.

Airframe hours and age

After an aircraft loses a certain amount of its value after flying for an hour, it is called the fleet’s average. This is the per hour reduction which changes the depending on the model that grows smaller as the aircraft ages. Flying under the fleet average is good for many reasons which can allow one to have the right advantage to aircraft which is valued at an hour which is flown below the fleet’s average. Learn about this fleet’s average and find the best value.

Air Frame

Engine hours

The closer the engine is to the overhaul, the lesser its value. Try to place the right amount of importance to the record as it has a very consistent use which is coupled with a good maintenance program.


A new paint job is enough to increase the value of an aircraft which requires buyers to be careful. The work could hide corrosion under the surface, which can have a negative effect on value.


Installed equipment

The technology inside the aircraft has a very noticeable impact on the value, which can be good or bad. There are some owners who double the value of their older models which can be installed with new avionics. There are many dated technologies which can age down your aircraft and can show a significant reduction in the resale value of the aircraft, which is more expensive in maintaining.


Records and airworthiness directives

There are many complete records which show the responses of airworthiness directives which requires certain maintenance and its needs in aircraft’s value. The buyer should review the aircraft and look for the airworthiness certificate, engine and airframe logbooks. There are many missing documents and pages which may need significance problems for the buyers and reduce the value of the aircraft itself.

Damage history



A damage history is something which will help decrease the value of an aircraft. The buyer should consider the type of accident, nature of the damage which is ready to repair the damage which can allow one to have the right components. There are many pre-purchase inspections which need to be carried out before flying and make sure that the FAA regulations are being practised.

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