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And so the adventure begins

We provide NAAA Certified and USPAP Endorsed Appraisals based on current Transaction Records. We no longer provide Market Value Analysis.

There are several levels of accuracy in determining current Fair Market Value:

1. Transaction Record

The post sales record of an actual transaction is of course the current true value. Appraiser’s estimates, market place listings, book value tables, Internet evaluators or other indicators of perceived value mean nothing compared to the actual sell price. Unfortunately, that determination is after the fact and is only meaningful to the buyer and seller of that specific aircraft, and to the NAAA database.

We did an aircraft appraisal for a company offering tent rental dubai services. The private aircraft was used by the owners. The record suggested the Fair market value of the aircraft that was then auctioned at $945,000.

2. Certified Appraisals

We offer the NAAA Certified Appraisal and USPAP Endorsed Appraisal if you need to know whether or not a proposed price is fair, reasonable and sustainable in the marketplace. A certified appraisal is the only independent and accurate pre-sale method of determining current fair market value of a specific airplane. It is established through our professional evaluation and physical examination of the actual airplane and its books and records. The NAAA Certified Appraisal is a standard that is acceptable to all lenders, insurance companies, government agencies, other legal entities, buyers and sellers alike. The USPAP Endorsed Appraisal has a higher level of fidelity due the the extensive research required. It is most appropriate for the banking and legal industry. 

3. Market Value Analysis

We no longer offer a Market Value Analysis. If you want to know that a price is reasonably accurate, and you don’t need the information for legal or financing purposes, this self endorsed evaluation method is available through internet research of similar aircraft. The Market Value Analysis is not acceptable for legal or financing purposes because it is based on information provided by someone who has a vested interest in the results. 

    4. Market Price Comparison

    This is one step below Market Value Analysis in fidelity. There are pricing guides, various weekly and monthly publications (both printed and on-line) listing aircraft for sale, and “free appraisal” services available on the Internet. They all have one common drawback. They all provide a price or estimated value based on make, model and vintage of similar aircraft. None have any direct relationship to the accurate fair market value of a specific airplane in its current condition. If you want a market price comparison, and don’t know where to find these resources, send an email and we can point out several.

    For both NAAA Certified Appraisals and USPAP Endorsed Appraisals, we evaluate the information gathered using the NAAA database of factual, current transaction records on over 10,000 aircraft makes and models, 12,000 avionics components, and 2,000 engines to give you the most up-to-date fair market values.


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